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Oily Skin Care

Skin is the most sensitive part in our body and being so sensitive it needs special care.

Although all the skins are equally cared but oily skin is the only type which need much care in compare of all. Oily skin gets breakages and dirt consumption very fast so it requires more care.

Oily Skin Care Products

As oily skin already it self have lots of oil consumed we don not require the products which have vitamin or mineral oil products in it. Following are the few best oily skin products recommended:

  1. Emus oil : Emu's oil helps in reducing redness and excessive secretion of oil.
  2. dark spot fading cream : It is used to reduce and light up dark spots and black heads.
  3. Acne face kit : It contains a face wash and a facial cream which reduces the pimples and oil dirt soaked by the skin.
  4. green tea face cream : It consists of aloe Vera and best of oily skin. It is a strong anti-oxidant and skin firming moisturizer.

Oily Skin Treatment

Oily skin needs regular care. The best treatment for skin is coconut oil as it fights with acne and pimples. Do not use scrubbers and rub your skin while applying face washes. Use light and mild face wash with no acidic content and oil contents. Wash your face with cold and fresh water all the time that is morning, afternoon and earning time. Make sure that if you go out in the sun use good sun block creams so that your skin will not be burnt and damage. There is another best product for oily skin that is the neem. It is also included in the medicines related to skin as neem herbs have antibodies which fight with skin bacteria's. Calendula is also good for skin as it gives your skin glow and charm.

Diet control
The diet plays an important role for oily skin people as they should avoid oily and junk food. The fat consumption will create a layer on the body due to which it will produce more oil and hence you are more prone to acne and pimples.

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